Indie Marketing Group

This form is to help organize the Indie Marketing Group. We need your email to invite you to our slack group.  Our goal is to create a system of relationships that helps indie developers market their games and work together to build new ones. Basically join in and have a boat load of fun. 

We currently have a number of channels for discussion.  

Campaigns, cross promotion, Game Jams, General, Group Game, Indiedevclap, Introductions, Promo and Press, Random, Retweets.

Each of these channels are to be used when discussing their topics. 

For  Member introduction and contact information please follow the link bellow-
You will also find the list of current Thunderclaps that community members are running. Please support and add your relevant information there.

You will soon learn that you can pin messages. These are messages that are directly related to the topic and well important. Try to help keep the space organized. 

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